Spine World Summit is accepting Abstract for Asia Pacific Research Colloquium both English and Chinese session.

Colloquium chairman: Prof. Yong Qiu, Drum Tower Hospital, Nanjing, China

Abstract Submission ENDED, Thank you!

Abstract Category
Abstract should be submitted based on the following categories:

  1. Deformity
  2. Trauma
  3. Tumors
  4. Surgical complications
  5. Infections
  6. Cervical spine
  7. Lumbar spine
  8. Emerging technologies
  9. Nonoperative approach
  10. Biologics/biomechanics
Instructions for submission
  • All abstract must be submitted onsite via the Spine World Summit official website (summit.spineworld.org).
  • All abstract must use the below abstract template for submission.
  • All abstract must be limited to 1,000 words, including abstract title. Author, co-authors and institutions names will not be counted. The font size should NOT be smaller than 10. The language should be English. The abstract content must be free of spelling and grammar error as it will be published in summit materials or partnered journals. The authors of submitted abstracts agree and allow read, download, copy, print, search, and distribute the published content, provided the author is properly acknowledged and cited.
  • Author, co-authors and institutions names must be clearly stated in each submitted abstract, and will be blinded during the review process.
  • Abstract content must be composed by 5 sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussions, Conclusion. It is limited to one graph, or one picture, or one data table to each submitted abstract.
  • Please ensure the submitted abstract is saved as Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file. Other formats will NOT be accepted. The file size should not be larger than 5MB.
  • The research work submitted must be conducted substantially by the applicant.

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