Organizing Committee

Top professionals lead the Organizing Committee. More specialists are joining!

Programs and Chairmen

AP Masters Colloquium

Ying-Kei Chan

AP Research Colloquium - ENGLISH

Yong Qiu

AP Research Colloquium - CHINESE

Qiang Qi

Ka-Kin Li

Cross-Strait Orthopaedic Colloquium

Zhong-Jun Liu

Yu Sun

Spine First Specimen Workshop

KV Menon

Richard Emery

AP MISS Colloquium

Ying-Kei Chan

Dong-Sheng Huang

AP Neurosurgery & Pain Colloquium

YH Yau

Kazutoshi Hida

AP Association Colloquium

Haw-Chou Lee

Jiang-Ru Xiao

Creative Spine Learning

Joel Ignacio

Congress Chair

Ying-Kei Chan

* List will be updated constantly

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