Download the SPINE WORLD SUMMIT 2018 Post Conference Report


The Asia Pacific's leading spine conference, Spine World Summit 2018, was successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 26 to 27 January 2018.

It got off to a brisk start with the welcome speech given by the Congress Chairman, Dr. Ying-Kei Chan, who was also the Program Chairman of Asia Pacific Masters Colloquium and Asia Pacific MISS Colloquium.

In the welcome speech Dr. Chan introduced the aims of Spine World Summit - to provide a tremendous and unique platform for all surgeons to integrate and share innovative ideas on academic knowledge, clinical experience, research findings, latest technology and essential career skills through interactive discussion by spine experts association leaders and industrial professionals. He also thanked all supporting spinal organizations, program chairmen, speakers and those who contributed in the summit.


American Association of Neurological surgeons
Bangladesh Orthopedic Society
Bangladesh Society of Neurosurgeons
Bangladesh Spine Society
Chinese Association of Spine and Spinal Cord
Chinese Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Chineses Spine Society of Medicine Education
Guangdong Association of Spine and Spineal Cord
Guangdong Spinal Surgery Association
Hong Kong IOrthopaedic Association
Hong Kong Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery Society
India Society for Study of Pain
International Society for Minimal Intervention Spinal Surgery
Indonesian Orthopaedic Association
Korean Minimally invasive Spinal Surgery Society
Korean Society of Spine Surgery
Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society
Macau Orthopaedic Association
Malaysia Spine Society
Neurological Society of India
Neurospinal Society Japan
Philippine Spine Society
Taiwan Spine Society
The Hong Kong Pain Society Logo
The Japanese Society for Spine Surgery and Related Research